• Managing a Calendar for Success

    This post is about managing a calendar with a busy life, shifting priorities, and distractions from our digital world.

  • Advice for anyone starting as a Junior Developer

    This post focuses on what a junior developer should do when starting a job to ensure their success in a position. My sister is finishing a coding Bootcamp, and this is the advice I intend to pass on to her. The truth is, she doesn’t need most of it because she has professional experience before coming to coding. But this is advice I would give to anyone starting any position, at any level. The only difference is that you spend more time in the “getting up to speed” phase as a junior vs. more senior developer.

  • Finding Career Clarity

    This post is several weeks overdue. Weeks ago, a friend of Lindsay and myself was generous enough to invite me to her podcast to talk about my experience changing careers. The whole being recorded thing was a new experience for me, and one I am curious about moving forward.

  • You Can Book Me

    Over the past 3 months, I have realized everything that, 5 years ago, I would have said is “enough”. I moved into a dream home. My dream wife and I welcomed a baby into this world, and I reached a point of stability professionally. I have so much to be grateful for, yet like everyone, I find myself swept up in the day to day hustle. I lose the perspective that I now have things that I want most for my life (family, security, and meaningful work). Maintaining this anchor and appreciation is key to long term happiness, I think.

  • Building a Development First Culture

    Too often, companies are reacting to problems instead of proactively preventing them.

  • The Inevitability of Universal Basic Income

    Universal Basic Income is the simple idea that a government will provide a base income to its constituents. Like many, my immediate reaction to this idea was doubt mixed with resentment. As I dug deeper into the psychology behind the idea and the coming wave of automation it became clear to me that this is more of an inevitability than an idea.

  • Halfway Agile

    When wielded correctly, agile processes are an incredibly effective tool to build an efficient organization.

  • Developer Waste

    Process managers are obsessed with the idea of eliminating waste in a process. Whether it is material waste or wasted time, there are masters programs and PHDs focused strictly on solving these efficiency problems.