My name is David and I am a software developer living in Boulder.

In 2016 I decided to change careers and pursue software development instead of continuing a career in finance. After a 6-month Frontend focused program at the Turing School, I was hired at Canvas Technology in Boulder as employee number 16.

Years later, Canvas has been acquired by Amazon Robotics and I get to solve problems at a different scale.

I am excited about where technology can improve peoples lives, but these changes can be very slow moving, particularly when it comes to improving social issues. So I am trying to commit some of my time each week to helping others and just interacting with people outside of my bubble. Whatever that means to those people and however I can help (within reason). These are the values I want to instill in my children, so I figure I should start now.

It seems trivial, but my time is really the most valuable thing I have. I would love to find a charitable organization to commit any unbooked time each Sunday (probably the whole time!), if there are any suggestions a reader can send my way.